Анонс закупочных процедур 

Accreditation Information

Counterparties applying for participation in procurement procedures in Rosneft Group Companies (GC) PJSC shall undergo a verification procedure for compliance with the minimum established requirements in relation to legal status, due diligence and goodwill, carried out as part of anti-corruption and fraud prevention activities (accreditation).
Accreditation validity period is 6 / 12 / 18 months (depending on the verification results).
Counterparties planning to participate in procurement procedures as a group of persons (several legal entities or individuals acting on the side of one procurement participant) shall undergo accreditation separately.

When is it necessary to submit documents for accreditation?

Documents for accreditation can be submitted either as part of procurement procedures (if the documents for accreditation are submitted at the place of procurement within the deadlines specified in the procurement notice) or in advance (voluntary accreditation) to the Group Company where the counterparty plans to participate in procurement.
Documents submitted for accreditation as part of procurement procedures of the Group Company conducting the procurement, shall be considered in priority order.
The lack of accreditation is not an obstacle for filing applications for participation in procurement procedures, if a full set of documents for accreditation is provided in accordance with the requirements posted on the Company's website in section Accreditation information , within the deadlines and at the address indicated in the procurement notice.

Ways of submission of accreditation documents

Accreditation documents are accepted for consideration in electronic form (through the electronic trading platform of TEK-Torg, JSC http://rn.tektorg.ru ).
Documents for accreditation carried out as part of the procurement procedures shall be submitted within the deadlines and at the address indicated in the procurement notice.
Information on current procurement procedures is available in the section: Procurement Register .

Features of the documents submission in electronic form

Accreditation documents are accepted in electronic form through the electronic trading platform of TEK-Torg, JSC http://rn.tektorg.ru .
More detailed information on procurement in electronic form is available in section "Procurement in Electronic Form" .
For all questions you may have regarding participation in procurement on ETP, you can contact the support service
by phone: 7 (495) 734-81-18
by e-mail: help@tektorg.ru

Procurement from SMEs

When applying for accreditation, SMEs shall confirm the SME status by submitting an extract from “ The Information from the Unified Register of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises ” as part of the documents set for accreditation.
More detailed information on procurement from SME entities is available in the section " Procurements from small and medium business entities ".

Requirements for Accreditation Documents

Requirements for the preparation of documents sets for accreditation and forms for submission of the documents are presented below.

Download the set of documents<br />
Download the set of documents

Please apply by e-mail regarding the issues of passage of the accreditation procedure: accred@rosneft.ru (please indicate the name of the company and its TIN in the subject line the letter)