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Information on Current Contracts

Information on contracts concluded

Consolidated information for the current year

OrganizerNumber of the contracts concluded by the customer based on the results of procurement of goods, works, servicessort iconTotal value of contracts concluded as a result of procurement of goods, works and servicesThe number of contracts concluded as a result of procurement with a single supplierTotal value of contracts (single supplier)The number of contracts concluded under procurement results, information about which is a state secret or in relation to which decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation were adoptedTotal value of contracts (state secrets and decisions of the government of the Russian Federation)
ОАО "НК "Роснефть-Ямалнефтепродукт"00,0000,0000,00
ООО "РН-Чеченнефтепродукт"29 341 060,0000,0000,00
АО "ИГиРГИ"1220 711 642,38114 051 642,3800,00
ООО "РН-Морской терминал Находка"135492 486 645,50664 039 730,8700,00
ООО «Удмуртнефть-Снабжение»192119 007 830,56214 174 536,9600,00
ЗАО "Уралсевергаз"205223 454 289,92181200 192 862,8600,00
ООО «Башнефть-Розница»7014 351 888 847,681941 813 093 815,9800,00
ПАО "НК "Роснефть"-Курганнефтепродукт"8034 423 326 136,513532 975 695 562,1100,00