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Information on Current Contracts

Information on contracts concluded

Consolidated information for the current year

Organizersort iconNumber of the contracts concluded by the customer based on the results of procurement of goods, works, servicesTotal value of contracts concluded as a result of procurement of goods, works and servicesThe number of contracts concluded as a result of procurement with a single supplierTotal value of contracts (single supplier)The number of contracts concluded under procurement results, information about which is a state secret or in relation to which decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation were adoptedTotal value of contracts (state secrets and decisions of the government of the Russian Federation)
АО "ИГиРГИ"51 690 455,4451 690 455,4400,00
ЗАО "Уралсевергаз"93191 065 222,8478186 992 710,2200,00
ОАО "НК "Роснефть-Ямалнефтепродукт"00,0000,0000,00
ООО «Башнефть-Розница»333949 734 022,75115189 327 333,0000,00
ООО "РН-Морской терминал Находка"69348 890 133,4121 015 800,0000,00
ООО "РН-Чеченнефтепродукт"18 400 000,0000,0000,00
ООО «Удмуртнефть-Снабжение»10386 036 661,45181 028 186,9600,00
ПАО "НК "Роснефть"-Курганнефтепродукт"6183 758 300 837,243352 556 503 863,6100,00