Анонс закупочных процедур 

Conflict Resolution Commission


Any procurement participant has the right to appeal to the Conflict Resolution Commission with complaint about actions (inaction) of the customer, procurement organizer, incl. decisions taken, if it considers that such actions (inaction) or decisions violate its rights and legitimate interests .


A complaint can be filed at any time from the date of official publication of the procurement notice on the official website (for transactions that fall within the scope of 223-FZ) and the customer’s website (for transactions that do not fall within the scope of 223-FZ), and no later than 10 calendar days from the date of placement of the protocol for summarizing the procurement or notice of cancellation of procurement
The terms and conditions of the notification, and procurement documents may be appealed not later than 3 business days before the deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the procurement.

One person may appeal against the terms and conditions of the specific procurement documentation not more than three times, if there are different grounds.

After expiration of the specified deadlines, an appeal can only be filed in administrative or judicial order.
The complaint shall be filed in the prescribed form. In order to do this, the complaint form shall downloaded, all necessary fields shall be filled out and it shall be signed by the head of the company or other authorized person / individual entrepreneur and a scanned copy shall be sent, together with the attachments substantiating the complaint, to the email address of the Customer / Procurement Organizer.

If the Customer / Organizer of the procurement was Rosneft, the complaint may be sent to conflict@rosneft.ru . The email shall be entitled “Complaint for consideration by the CRC of Rosneft.”

If the Customer / Organizer of the procurement was another group company, the complaint shall be sent to the official email address of this group company.

The address of the Procurement Organizer is preferred.

Complaints and letters directed to conflict@rosneft.ru , under which other group companies are the Customer / Procurement Organizers, complaints that are illegible, contain obscene or abusive language, advertisement, commercial proposals, requests for clarification of the notice, and procurement documents, shall not be considered. No replies to such requests shall be given. Requests for clarification of a notice, and documentation on competitive procurement shall be sent to the address indicated in the notice and in the procurement documentation - for sending the relevant requests.


• the procurement is appealed against to competition or judicial authorities on a similar basis;
• the complaint was withdrawn by the applicant;
• the complaint is sent anonymously or the address for the answer is not specified;
• actions (inactions) of the Customer, while placing orders for supplies of goods, performance of works and rendering of services for state and municipal needs, are appealed against;
• the term for appeal has expired;
• the application does not refer to the procurement activities of the Customer/Procurement organizer;
• a complaint on similar arguments has already been processed;
• the complaint with similar arguments and arguments on the same actions (inactions) of Procurement authorities has already been processed, and a court decision or decision of the competition authority has been taken;
• there are no evidence, documents, extracts from the documents substantiating the complaint’s arguments;
• the complaint does not correspond to the other requirements set forth in the Company Procurement Regulations.