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Procurement of minor items. Corporate Internet Shop

Dear procurement participants!

In 2019, the possibility of conducting procurement of minor items in the Section titled “Corporate Internet Shop” at AO TEK-Torg (KIM) has been realized by Rosneft Oil Company and the Group’s Subsidiaries.

Background information:

Procurement of minor items is a procurement the price of which does not exceed thresholds set by the Federal law No. 223-FZ “On procurement of goods, works, and services by particular types of legal entities” dated 18.07.2011 (RUB 100.000, and RUB 500.000, if the annual revenue of an ordering customer in a fiscal financial year amounts to more than RUB 5 bn), and with regard to which the Ordering Customer is entitled not to place information on the unified information system.

Participation in KIM ensures
- Direct access to the Company’s procurement of minor items;
- Real-time communication regarding new procurement;
- Simplified participation procedure;
- Additional sales and promotion channel for own products.

Dissimilarity from existing sales procedures:
1. Lack of necessity to obtain electronic signature.
2. Absence of tariffs for registration and participation in procurement.
3. Absence of security deposits.
4. Free of charge pricelist setup based on the reference book positions.

Those participants who are interested in taking part in Rosneft and its Subs procurement of minor items shall well ahead of time register with an electronic trading facility of AO TEK-Torg in the section titled Corporate Internet |Shop.

We invite you to participate in procurement procedures.

Internet address of KIM: https://kim.tektorg.ru.

Procedure rules and other materials related to KIM activities are available on the web-site of TEK-Torg:

Do not hesitate to refer to the twenty-four-seven support service of TEK-Torg’s electronic trading facility with regard to technical and procedural matters related to KIM operations via the phone numbers +7 (495) 734-81-18 and +7 (499) 705-81-18, or using its email address: help@tektorg.ru

Due diligence verification for small procurement

Before making a decision to conclude a contract based on the results of SMALL PROCUREMENT, the Customer carries out an inspection of the Supplier in accordance with the principle of “due diligence”. All Suppliers with which it is planned to conclude a contract based on the results of SMALL PROCUREMENT shall satisfy the established requirements for SMALL PROCUREMENT.

The results of a positive inspection of the Supplier in compliance with the principle of “due diligence” for SMALL PROCUREMENT are valid for 18 months from the date of the decision on the results of the inspection of this Supplier (Suppliers with valid accreditation shall not undergo additional checks when participating in the SMALL PROCUREMENT procedure) .

The Supplier shall prepare a set of documents for verification as part of the “due diligence” during the SMALL PROCUREMENT and send it for verification to the Customer conducting the SMALL PROCUREMENT (the verification of the Suppliers as part of the “due diligence” shall be carried out only upon request of the Customer at the place of SMALL PROCUREMENT).

A list of requirements and documents, based on which the Customer carries out an inspection of the Suppliers as part of the “due diligence” for SMALL PROCUREMENT, is provided below.

Instruction "Requirements to the supplier company for participation in small procurement"