Анонс закупочных процедур 

Information on Procurements of Rosneft and Rosneft Subsidiaries

“Procurement Information” section is devoted to the procurement activities of Rosneft and Rosneft subsidiaries.
• Information on current procurements is posted:
• on the official website of the Russian Federation for sharing information on placing orders for the supply of goods, performance of work, provision of services ( www.zakupki.gov.ru ) - in the amount and starting with the time established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
• on this site in the subsection "Procurements Register" ;
• on the relevant electronic trading platform TEK-Torg .

Dear procurement participants!

Rosneft invites you to be guided by the following when participating in procurement procedures:

1. To provide since the first time the best offer with a minimum price without relying on the possibility of improvement during negotiations, rebidding. In accordance with the Regulations on the procurement of goods, works, services, implementation of rebidding or negotiations is a right, and not an obligation of the Customer. Negotiations and rebidding postpone the procurement process, which neither the Customer nor the procurement bidders are interested in. Considering the urgency of addressing the need for separate procurements, negotiations or rebidding can not be held.

2. To provide from the first time carefully completed technical proposal , without an anticipation of submission of a request (s) by the Company. The bid can be rejected without asking for details from the Procurement manager. The Provision on the procurement of goods, works, services provides a right for the Customer to submit a request to the procurement bidders to specify the bid is provided, and not an obligation.

3. To register in advance on the electronic trading platform of TEK-Torg JSC (hereinafter - ETP) in the section of Rosneft. In the case of electronic procurement, applications from participants registered on the electronic trading platform in the section of Rosneft ( https://www.tektorg.ru/rosneft/ ) and signed by a qualified electronic signature will be accepted for consideration

4. To submit in advance an application to the ETP for participation in the procurement procedure with all necessary documents attached, signed by a qualified electronic signature before the established period (date, time) for deadline of submission of applications, in order to exclude the risk of delay of submission of an application and the inability to place an offer on ETP. The procurement manager does not have the right to extend the bid submission date, if information about the impossibility of submitting a bid is received from the bidder after the bid deadline.

5. To provide the signed contract in electronic form together with the commercial part.

For all questions that you may have regarding participation in procurements on ETP, you can contact the support service

by phone: + 7 (495) 734-81-18
by e-mail: help@tektorg.ru

This message is for information only and not an official notice related to specific procurement procedures. This message is not a public offer or invitation to make offers.